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Georgia Domestic Violence Laws

I am attaching a copy of the Judges Domestic Violence Bench book that you can use as a quick reference guide to answer questions you have about the GA law. There are five chapters and 22 Appendices that include information on law-related topics relevant to DV. Chapters 1-5 are listed below and provide an outline format, statutory and case law and can be used for advocacy. Please keep this for reference and share with those who may be interested.

  • Chapter One: Civil Protective Orders
  • Chapter Two: Jurisdiction and Procedure
  • Chapter Three: Remedies, Settlements, and Orders
  • Chapter Four: Criminal Law
  • Chapter Five: Evidence
  • Appendix A: Dynamics of Domestic Violence
  • Appendix B: Assessing for Lethality
  • Appendix C: Screening For Domestic Violence
  • Appendix D: Checklist for Ex Parte Applicants
  • Appendix E: Firearms
  • Appendix F: Protection Order Information Sheet
  • Appendix G: Family Violence Intervention Programs
  • Appendix H: Immigrants and Refugees
  • Appendix I: Mental Illness and the Court
  • Appendix J: Guardians Ad Litem in Family Violence Cases
  • Appendix K: Mediation
  • Appendix L: Uniform Codes
  • Appendix M: Georgia Protective Order Registry
  • Appendix N: Visitation, Custody, Protection and Support of Children
  • Appendix O: Children and Domestic Violence
  • Appendix P: Cyberstalking and Digital Abuse
  • Appendix Q: Confidentiality of Domestic Violence Organizational Records
  • Appendix R: Restitution, Victim Compensation and Public Benefits
  • Appendix S: Judicial Compliance Hearings
  • Appendix T: Strangulation
  • Appendix U: Georgia Crime Victims Bill of Rights
  • **Appendix V: VAWA 2013 Housing Protections (This is explained in the 3 attachments. It is not in the attached version of the Bench book because it went into effect after the Bench book was printed.)

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